G20前夕 美国国务院发文要求北京释放709受难者


【博闻社】中国于去(2015)年7月9日,对人权律师、人权运动及异议人士进行大规模逮捕行动,引举世震惊。其中北京锋锐事务所4名律师遭控“颠覆国家政权罪”,今年8月2日起于天津市第二中级人民法院进行“特定媒体镜头前的公开审理”,在家人未旁听下、多人照稿唸认罪声明,并遭判刑。对此,美国国务院媒体关系办公室主任杜鲁道(Elizabeth Trudeau)8日发表声明呼吁中国释放遭监禁或拘留的律师、维权人士及已遭判刑者,并立即撤案,全文及原文如下:




Last week, a Chinese court convicted prominent human rights attorney Zhou Shifeng, director of the Fengrui law firm, and activists Hu Shigen, Zhai Yanmin, and Gou Hongguo of the apparently politically motivated charge of “subversion of state power.” More than a dozen other attorneys and activists detained on and around July 9, 2015, including Li Heping, remain in pretrial detention without access to their families or to legal counsel of their own choosing.

This campaign undermines China’s development of a judicial system that respects the rule of law. We urge Chinese authorities to release the lawyers and rights defenders who are imprisoned or in detention, including those already sentenced. We call for an immediate end to the cases brought against them and to restrictions on their freedom of movement and professional activities.


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